Honeymoon Cove Structures


List of Structures

Classic Miniatures

Silver Plume Store
(Betsy's Bakery & Ice Cream)

Deerfield River Laser
**Kit Not Yet Available

Wharf Master Station **

Sail Loft**

Wiscasset Lumber**
(The Drunken Clam)

Turner Centre Creamery
(Cove B&B)
Wiscasset Grain Company
(Ships Chandlery/Museum)


Additional List of Structures

Bar Mills

Idaho Hotel
(Prince Georges Hotel)

Shipyard Brewery (Background)
(United Cannery)

WIcked Wanda;'s
(Harbor Master Office/Residence)

Saulena's Tavern
(Little Eva's Fish and Steak)

Jebediah's Carriage Repair
(Jeb's Engine Repair)

Honeymoon Cove Structures

The structures on the SN3 layout represent a small coastal town along the Atlantic coast that could be anywhere from Nova Scotia to the state of Rhode Island. The old fishing related buildings as well as the cramped individual buildings and town layout make for a great modeling objective. SN3 allows me to have a port and town on a small linear layout approximately 30" by 96" with a chance for switching similar to a Timesaver layout. The developing list of buildings to be on the layout appear on the left and right. Items in black are original kit manufacturers and name while the red names are how the original kits will be converted. There are only a very limited number of S Scale kits that can be built without either a small about of changes or quite a bit of adopting to seaside structures. We shall see how this progresses.

Under Construction